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Living Room Set  If you’re "thinking about" upholstery, you’ve come to the right place. We are now enjoying nearly two decades of servicing the Greater Middle Tennessee area and beyond. Recognized as established artisans within the industry, our services encompass a wide variety of expertise in re-upholstered furniture, antique restoration, custom furniture-building, and using various kinds of fabric in just about any application.

Having a reputation of having boldly gone where no others have gone before, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise to assist our clients in fabric selection, upholstery techniques, cost analysis and estimating. Our policy is to assure the highest quality workmanship, while providing our customers prompt, dependable service.

Our host of clients, from all walks of life, can attest to our capabilities. We have serviced commercial establishments, such as Holiday Inn, Applebee's, Baptist Hospital, Hillwood Country Club, Richland Retirement Center, and Woodmont Methodist Church, as well as many prominent families and music industry stars.

We take great pride in our restorations, enjoying the workmanship of the trailblazers of our craft: The various qualities of woods that have endured family gatherings and quiet meditations throughout generations . . . the scuffs of children's shoes, who bounced impatiently, the scar from the family pet that teethed on that chair leg, the crackled patina of a rocking chair that beside a fireplace . . . all these are warm memories to be maintained and cherished by generations to come.

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